Siawoosh Mohammadi

Senior Postdoctoral researcher
MR Physics
Department of Systems Neuroscience
University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf
Martinistraße 52
Hamburg - 20 246
Phone: +49-40-7410-59859
Fax: +49-40-7410-59955
E-Mail: siawoosh.mohammadi[at]

Photo of Siawoosh Mohammadi
I am a senior postdoc at the Department of Systems Neuroscience at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf. My main research interests are:
  • Diffusion MRI: Modelling and correction of artefacts, sequence optimisation, bio-physical modelling of the diffusion signal (from macro- to micro-structure)
  • Structural MRI: Modelling and correction of artefacts, bio-physical modelling of MRI signal (proton density, myelin and iron content).
  • MRI reconstruction: Modelling and correction of artefacts (from k-space to image-space), bio-physical modelling of complex or k-space data (inter-changing image reconstruction and signal modelling)
I am currently working on high-resolution spinal-cord DTI, Kurtosis Diffusion Imaging, and their combination with multi-parameter mapping approaches.


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10/2009 PhD in quantitative Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI), Department of Neurology, University of Münster, Germany. Thesis Advisors: Profs. Michael Deppe (University of Münster), Harald E. Möller (Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig).
05/2002 MSc (“Dipl.-Phys.”) on enhanced Zeeman splitting in quantum wires (theoretical physics, condensed matter), Department of Physics, University of Hamburg, Germany. Thesis Advisor: Prof. Bernhard Kramer.

Professional History

2014-pres. Senior Postdoctoral Research Fellow with reintegration funding, Department of Systems Neuroscience, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany.
2010-2014 Senior Postdoctoral and Postdoctorial DFG Research Fellow (DFG = German Research Council), WTCN, UCL, London, UK.
2004-2009 Postdoctoral and Doctoral Research Fellow, University of Münster, Germany.
2002-2003 Neuroimaging internship and community service (University Hospital Münster) and condensed matter internship (Hahn-Meitner-Institut Berlin).
1999-2002 Research Fellow and Teaching Assistant, Inst. of Physics, Hamburg University, Germany.

Enabling activity

I am an author of the SPM toolbox: Artefact correction in Diffusion MRI (ACID toolbox). The ACID toolbox is an academic software toolkit for pre-processing of diffusion MRI data, estimation of DTI indices and spatial normalisation of DTI index maps. The main advantage of the ACID toolbox is the model-based approach to handling artefacts in diffusion MRI and thus in enabling high-end diffusion MRI applications. The ACID toolbox fully integrates into the batch system of the SPM package.

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